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by Heno.

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Only One 04:03
ONLY ONE I ain't the only one (6x) (VERSE 1) We was in the streets but nowadays we all in the industry (yeah) This is it for me, but I'm so blessed that's things are changing differently (yeah) Been on my own for a minute now I don't need ya sympathy (no) I really came from nothing so when I make it big I'll always show humility Remember days back at Kennedy, and people said I wouldn't be shit I never let that shit get to me cuz I always knew that I'd be rich I was stagnant up in them classrooms cuz I knew my passion was elsewhere Ain't the only one that was down and out and was wondering if anybody else cares Man I've had enough with the stress and pouting (stress and pouting) It's too late now to be second doubting Ya 2 cents I wanna hear less about it cuz this money I'm getting man I'm blessed to count it I Was lost but now you can bet i found it As I'm rising higher I'm forever grounded They was doubting me before I even have tried This is all I've wanted to do man to tell you the truth I've been seeing the signs Cuz even as a child I remember nights staying up foolishly reaching the sky Cuz I always knew that I was gonna make it but the only thing that I ever needed was time let the people decide (CHORUS) Cuz I'm know that I'm not the only one (Tired of working a 9 to 5, just Waiting for my time to shine) I know I ain't the only one (That's grinding hard with no days off, just praying that this shit pays off) Lord knows I ain't the only one (That's tired of seeing the fam struggling, or ever had to make plans hustling) I know I ain't the only one no no... (Yeah yeah yeah yeah Aye, I know that I'm not the only one) (VERSE 2) I got friends even littles homies saying I'm the one they look to Up to Now That's a lot of pressure but I'm focused Knowing I could mess it all up in One move Thank god I realize it honestly The 2 things that you can't deny are Honesty or that I'm putting in work constantly I'm the Rap game Odysseus, riding round on my odyssey So The bullshit you can miss me with, cuz I highly doubt that you'll be stopping me I don't know where I'd be today if I was in the field and was still Trappin' Good things do come with patience if it's Meant to be then it will happen One day Imma buy the cars, one day Imma have a crib Cuz I'm so addicted as I'm working for it, I guess that's just what a Habit is I Couldn't live life not wanting more like I don't know what being passive is Tunnel vision on the road to riches can't afford to get into no accidents So I'm coming up for the top spot or whoever think that they have the shit Ain't the only one who ain't cross the stage with their parents cheering for a graduate, man I had to quit Ain't the only one that's praying that this goes right Chasing something that I've wanted for my whole life (CHORUS)
Damn Thing 03:31
DAMN THING (CHORUS) I struggled for a minute what you know bout it Now I got a bag my shawty gon count it Told the fam we finna eat soon just don't doubt it So If I feel some shade then I won't go round it Cuz they don't know a damn thing They don't know a damn thing about me at all Said they don't know a damn thing They don't know a damn thing about me at all (VERSE 1) A lot of shit up on my mind i gotta ventilate I keep it a stack I never been a fake I don't need nobody to put food up on my dinner plate The way I'm livin' so damn fast i need to hit the brakes Put the fam above it all they're who I hustle for Different numbers shit be movin' off a couple phones One by one seen friends in jail or fall in love with dope Not to mention my nigga died a few months ago My old ways I'm tryna leave behind Just to get a little peace of mind While in pursuit of this dream of mine I know some people schemin' when they see me grind Type of shit that makes me think I need to keep a 9 Under my pillow , Hope i don't wake up Fame is on the way but it won't change us Getting everything I deserve Takin no pay cuts So even when a nigga shining man I won't Say much (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) About me at all, yeah yeah, about me at all I said not a damn thing at all (2x) (VERSE 2) I'm the motherfuckin' man god damn Im just living my life following Gods plans Humbled at the fact that a nigga got fans Pull up to the show now a nigga got bands So don't expect a hand out if you are not fam Foreign women wit me and they all got tans And while they pop xans and they clapping for me Im feelin' so blessed without Having to sneeze (Aye) I don’t stay long if i don’t like the vibe of it Ya negativity i don't have the time for it (Yeah) and please pardon my french Thinkin' deep with the blunt lit pardon the stench As as hard it gets I'm putting up a fight Stressing for perfection got me up at night Slowly making every dream come to life But since they hating I must be doing something right and that's real.. (CHORUS)
Cold Nights 04:42
COLD NIGHTS LYRICS (VERSE 1) I've been drinkin' more I've been caring less damn that's make quite the combination Ive been giving more while receiving less way too tired of the complications I've been workin' more how I'm making less please explain why my pockets aching The way I live my life is so impractical but at the same time ya watching greatness Bitches show me love I don't ask for much except for good pussy and conversation She taste sweeter than some apple cider last thing i need is my condom breakin' Ive been beaten down profiled against The streets love me but congress hate me For that we give thanks to Ronald Reagan, since he the reason that product makin' My whole neighborhood turn cold and my people die Im tryna Balance out cuz i don't like the lows but I've fiend the highs Bitch I'm Motivated going places tryna Keep my dream alive I Asked God for help but why don't he reply , pick up your phone man I Need a sign Then I realized I won't Take L's Id rather Take action Cuz You can do anything with a pure heart and with a Greater passion But Since I Only got one shot you know I'm finna Aim high Knowing damn well I'm gonna Make mine but this shit is gon take time cuz (CHORUS) I remember them cold nights and cold days Way back They used to tell me No way Now we getting on what the fuck are they gon say They just mad that I made it out in my own way I remember em cold nights (yayaya) I remember em cold nights (yayaya) Doing shit that was so wrong , never felt so right Tryna get my dough right.. For all the days that I remembered em cold nights (yayaya) (VERSE 2) I've always wanted something better my whole life (yayaya) Taking chances in the field like I'm finna roll dice (yayaya) Arrest first ask question later the police never read no rights with they sirens looking like strobe lights oh my (yayaya) You outta know that I'm here to stay If you in my path better clear the way I ain't living good but I'm feelin' great Cuz Its just a matter of time You can't match my passion or drive Watchu know about having to grind I was workin 3 jobs while I trapped on the side Put my life in these rhymes so you can fantasize on the side and see what it Be like For a young nigga coming from the east side Who Need that money cuz we all tryna Eat right? This is my odyssey but it's the Rewrite See I'm mix between Homer with the pen writing epics and Odysseus getting stronger with Each fight To withstand ya negativity and Reach heights And Be a beacon in the streets cuz we need light It Really ain't making sense But at the same time I'm remaining blessed Shoutout to the Fam cuz they made the best So I Won't stop til they no longer facing debt Cuz Through all the obstacles and times that we was down lord knows that I can't forget (CHORUS)
Nobody 04:09
NOBODY (singing) Nobody.. I don't wanna hear that shit from nobody (Yeah) Nobody, yeah, look (VERSE 1) A lot of shit done changed up since I was first rapping Turned down on going to church clapping And turned up with hoes that were thirst trapping Grew up around where the worst happens Most of us didn't Make it out Offa gang related shit, purse snatching And a lot of things I hate to think about Talk to the Fam on FaceTime When I'm outside of those state lines They keep asking me how I'm doing I say I'm well but I hate lying Then they ask me when I'm coming home and I say as soon as I make mine Its not IF I do it, It's WHEN I do it... But Just know that this is gonna Take time (yeah) Cuz You can't plant a seed now and expect a flower the next day The irony we came up out the mud So we want ours in the best way Couldn't care what the Rest say, I don't wanna hear your feedback So When it comes to your 2 cents, best believe that you can keep that Nowadays I just speak my mind and don't Hold back Been On the road like a nomad chasing everything that I don't have Faded off that cognac cuz you don't know what I'm going thru Standing strong on my own 2 cuz I'm Supposed to (CHORUS) Lord knows that's I'm stressed But to be here I'm blessed yeah Ain't satisfied with nothing less Always Givin you my best yeah So You better come correct Or at least get out of the way To anyone throwing some shade Imma say that I don't wanna hear that shit from nobody (Nobody) I don't wanna hear that shit from nobody (Nobody) They tried to play me now they saying they so sorry (so sorry) But I don't wanna hear that shit from nobody , Nobody! (BRIDGE) Lord knows that's I'm stressed But to be here I'm blessed yeah Ain't satisfied with nothing less Always Givin you my best yeah So You better come correct Or at least get out of the way To anyone throwing some shade.. I Dont Wanna Hear That Shit From Nobody! (VERSE 2) And I'm mean that shit genuinely I can see right through the jealousy And I expected better from my enemies I'm Sippin until all the Henny done, then I shawty to go get me some I'm Bernie Mac with the rap shit cuz I ain't scared of Any one I know there's people tryna Set me up, but understand that i ain't slippin now It's crazy how they hated but suddenly I'm the one that they pickin now If I stayed I would be broke, so I decided to go in a Different route Now I'm gettin more than I ever have, Save to say I got it Figured out I don't got time for Explanations, Headed to my destination We boutta eat real soon, pull up with no reservation Without any hesitation, I Came a long way from the basement Now we here cuz we was patient, thanking (yeah) (CHORUS)
Fall Thru 03:40
FALL THRU (VERSE 1) I know that it's been a while since we hooked up But I've been on the road cuz my schedule's been getting booked up Your vibe really got me high like I took drugs Thinkin bout that ass and when I'm back around boutta Imma Pull up Stressed out and all I want is some good love (from you) Cuz A hundred women dont matter when you found a good one (only you) Ain't Holding back knowing that Time is passing Throw a flag on the play Like its madden Hoping that it's more than what I imagine When I'm home better know I am smashing It's my fault you lay alone Damn you are a Fine attraction Shining like you made of gold Maybe Midas might've tap it Time for me to take control Cuz You ain't had this type of passion Give you what you waiting for I'll make it known (CHORUS) I knew right when I saw you That I ain't want a piece girl I need all you Lemme be the one you give your all too Just say the word and imma fall thru Say the word and imma fall thru (yeah yeah yeah yeah) All you gotta do is pick up when i call you (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Just say the word and imma fall thru for your loving Cuz I knew right when I saw you Shawty I need all you You're who I belong to Just say the word and imma fall thru (VERSE 2) You know that this lifestyle really comes with stress But I'm gonna make sure I give you all of me until there's nothing left You're the type that I'd wanna call even when my phone is on one percent Probably while you're wearing one of my white tees looking underdressed (oooh) And I ain't running game so please quit with all the quick assumptions I want you on my right side when I hit the function To be the one I hit my blunts with Dancing as we get to touching The way you move that thing and bust it That really isn't meant for public But I ain't complaining in the slightest Let's leave and take this somewhere private Either my place or to your place The only time we should be fighting But I ain't tryna argue Rather tell you what I wan do Imma really put it on you (CHORUS)
Shepherd 04:32
SHEPHERD I'm just tryna give you that... Swear that these niggas be sleep... (Yeah) (VERSE 1) Welcome to the jungle where the humble and the thugs Get to rumble over trouble and the hustling of drugs Struggle over crumbles just wondering where the love at? Cuz There's no fun in having to run away from some gun claps And this shit will end with someone getting bust back Just Reminiscing on the bus with my bus pass Use to get by off lunch snacks and Rugrats But now we getting high off dub sacs in em blunt raps Other days I need an eight or an ounce Best believe I'm gon' be facing that loud Cuz most these niggas smile in your face but they hate and they doubt While Bitches choosing based on Savings in your banking accounts damn Been popping pills and drinking since the 7th grade Round the time my friends was sellin' weed for better Jays Now they either down in Jail or up at heavens gates As I'm praying for some better days but we gon get it straight Even though I grew up around some violence Ambulances and sirens A Misfit misguided with no guidance But i know that the lord knows that I'm trying In deep search for enlightenment These Streets are a lions den Hoping to be inspiring to make your pain stop Cuz ever since they beat my ass man I hate cops Feeling like I got no umbrella walking thru the rain drops And This ain't a fable no Aesop nigga (CHORUS) I'm just tryna give you that real But I swear that these niggas sleep! I know that Id rather be the Shepherd than to ever ever be the sheep No one can ever tell me what to think No one can ever tell me who to be Nowadays it's kill or be killed Is it gonna be you or will it be me What is it gon be? What is it gon be? Is it gonna be will it be me? (aye) I'm just tryna give you that real But I swear that these niggas sleep! I know that Id rather be the Shepherd than to ever ever be the sheep (VERSE 2) Yeah I Came from the gutter, got my name from my mother, learned the game from my brother Seen some things during the summers, but that shit made me tougher Never played for no sucker, remember when we was younger, Belly was full with hunger Often labeled as a statistic or even a number But when niggas die the immediate suffer FOX News barely give us with any media coverage As we Blind like the sheep even Stevie he wonder But I don't really know why they like to go and throw shade.... on everything that I do You and I ain't never been the same, yeah... Been feeling this way since high school I Don't got time to complain... Imma Keep it briefer than a haiku Thinkin bout it put me in a daze... Getting dizzy at the looping the cycle Cuz I'm a product of my environment Catch me ridin round my town hear the tires spin And My day 1's the only ones that I'm ridin' with Bitch I'm grindin' to get that early retirement Use to sell dope but now I sell quotes for a better price It was all we knew so we could have a better life And Music is my second chance that got me feeling limitless My Pops told me it not how start its how you finish it (CHORUS)
Courtside / Dead Or Alive Courtside (VERSE 1) I can't fuck with no complacency Please believe you need keep that shit away from me Feel like DJ Khaled Droppin all these Major keys This game is cutthroat if you in you betta Play for keeps I've been in them trenches deep somebody Pray for me Plotting on just how to get from A to B I Make more off a play than what you make a week Back around the way what can they Say to me Yeah I'm On the road to riches with No hands on the wheel driving It don't matter how much shade you throwin cuz I'm Still shining When I set a goal I don't talk about it til I real life it They keep askin bout when the album Droppin, And i say whenever I feel like it Got ya main tryna stay the night when I lay the pipe but I'm too busy getting my Paper right, while you on the sides cuz you the hating type Had Nightmares of the very bottom with aspirations of some Greater heights I swear I'm Changing my whole Way of life... (CHORUS) Cuz I'm done with sitting court side Sitting Court side To do it big is all I've wanted in My Whole life In my Whole life Put me in the game and I'm scoring bitch we won't tie No we won't tie I do not need your approval or a cosign Cuz I'm done with sitting Courtside DEAD OR ALIVE (VERSE 1) Tell me what you niggas really know about sacrifice I had to leave it all behind because I wasn't satisfied With the way that I've been living man It's gonna take a lot of feed this appetite It's bout time I Made the decision to stop taking all of your bad advice Tryna get to Elysium in my afterlife Doubting me has Been the best thing you could do for me The extra motivation was all that I needed to go ahead and start me a new story Cuz my only concern is for my family Put everything in my Plan A fuck ya plan b Just Thinkin about it now man I Can't sleep While my momma workin full time when she can't see Man I think it's time we go and set the record straight I ain't boutta settle for no second place I Hustle everyday like I never ate Call me Warren G the way I'm boutta Regulate, lemme demonstrate I'm Tryna elevate cuz We just want it all really Especially coming up from a Small city With very big aspirations to ball filthy Wanna thumb thru couple 100 bands in all fifties (CHORUS) I got my eyes set on the prize Pedal to the floor, heading up the road on an unforgettable drive No You can't stop me from getting what's mine Even with a Bounty on my head They'd have to come take me dead or alive (2x) But That won't stop me from getting what's mine, no Hoping that one day Im gon' get it right Even with a Bounty on my head They'd have to come take me dead or alive yeah Come take me dead or alive But That won't stop me from getting what's mine With a bounty on my head, middle finger to the Feds, they'd have to come take me dead or alive
Next Up 04:31
Next Up (VERSE 1) Shoutout to my day ones and my niggas that done stayed down Coming from that Maryland but now I'm in The Bay now Back and forth with meetings in LA taking the Greyhound Living life my own way so there's nothing they can say now Man I gots to get it Remember days when I had no pot to piss in Sitting frustrated with the opposition Cuz ya not convincing Y'all acting faker than some lock extensions Taking everything that God has given me straight to the top While I'm shining a lot cuz the spot is missing Better stop your bitching cuz nothing can stop my vision As I'm on the road to riches and I'm faded while I'm drivin the muhhfuckin whip aye Lotta niggas hate it but I'm still gon make it lovin this shit while I'm chuggin a fifth so Any shade that they throw my way Imma treat it like it's nothing I don't trip I just say a little rhyme I wrote when I was younger and it go a little something like this aye (BRIDGE) Whenever my head down, I just keep my head up Struggled at the bottom damn, now its time to get up I put it on the fam, that my plans to get this bread up I hope they understand I'm feeling next up (CHORUS) (performed at the same time) Bitch I'm next up, bitch I'm next up, yeah I'm next up Flexed up, bitch I'm flexed up, yeah i'm flexed up Was fed up, with my head down now my head up We gon get this bread up, feeling like I'm next up (2x) Life is really what you make of it I'm just grinding and I'm taking risks Celebrating getting faded, I suggest you niggas step up I ain't saying I'm the greatest, yet, all I know is that I'm next up (VERSE 2) I swear this is my new theme song, playing this in a casino Only stepped in with like ten dollars, but imma leave with some G's tho Please pardon me for my ego, y'all just really gotta understand This is for all the times that I was down and out but right now nigga I am up again look who I'm up against (no one) Wake up every morning so blessed then I get right to the paper yeah we gon grind Cuz my fam at home worry bout me too much, this one's for you momma please don't cry Soon you're gonna wipe your eyes with the money that imma send to you we gonna be alright Imma cold ass nigga from the 301 getting turnt up like i'm from the 305 Shoutout to my niggas in the 415 and all the pretty hoes in the 510 Tappin that (pause) like a xylophone Off of the recordings on my microphone Just thinking about quitting my 9 to 5 To be living that life nigga I don't know But I feel so damn close that I gotta keep pushing myself only time will show so... (BRIDGE) (CHORUS)
Beauty 03:31
BEAUTY LYRICS (VERSE 1) What doesn't kill me is gonna make me stronger It's clear my enemies are gonna Hate me longer While all the negativity will Take me farther I bet these women want me as their baby father Man it's crazy how much I have grown You learn a lot about yourself when spending nights alone Even when I had me too many Drinkin all this Jack and some Henny And my doubts are starting to get me I know this microphone will lead me to the life I want aye And Now I'm eating fasho Just know I'm Not too far away from me achieving my goals But really far away from MoCo when I'd Sleep on the floor I Never thought that I would make it here and be on the road That's why whenever I hit the stage I treat my fans like fuckin Fam Cuz Y'all will be the ones to soon help me support my fuckin Fam Help me get my first hundred grand and even help me pay off Uncle Sam This shit has me so humbled and for that I hope you'll Understand that (CHORUS) I wouldn't change this shit for nothing I wouldn't change this shit for nothing at all (why's that) Because there's beauty in the struggle (watchu mean) Because there's beauty in the struggle (2x) (VERSE 2) Common told me slow motion better than no motion Now I'm flyin coast to coast and soon across the ocean Doin shows and livin life the way I envisioned When I was 9 writing some rhymes washin some plates and some dishes Was way too shy to tell my friends i was legit with the writtens Back when I got no plays or listens but then made it my mission I used to complain even felt ashamed whenever my name wasn't mentioned But I let that shame become the flame that'll help me gain some attention goddamn (goddamn) Being homeless was a choice These were sacrifices made to let the world hear my voice Motivated off of all the visions running through my head Of me holdin my family while I'm thumbin thru some bread I Got friends of mine who were born rich and they livin life with no problems Sometimes I used to get jealous lookin up to them from the bottom But that's where my drive and my passion really came from and I'm proud So when they ask me if I could change shit I look back and tell them out loud that (huh) (CHORUS)
Ain't None 03:49
AINT NONE (VERSE 1) First things first I'm blessed, thanking God that a nigga like me ain't Die yet Or get caught up whippin work up in a Pyrex Cuz Being Trapped inside the trap is one Tough pill to swallow but it's an even harder One to digest but I digress I'm next Ain't no other way for me to say it than to keep it direct Quality over quantity just making sure I don't give you nothing less than my best Living my life whyreless had to change up my Mindset So The last thing that I need from you is you adding more to My stress And for me to talk about some bullshit is the last thing that Y'all need I got the game up in my hands like I just learned how to palm read Gettin faded as I'm getting shade Chillin under some Palm trees with a calm breeze But Don't ask me what this cost me Way more than you can imagine but They love how I Kill instrumentals I swear This ain't coincidental Cuz i Been Asential did you get memo? If not I'll resend the info to make sure that you get copy Cuz No one got me like God got me so I... (CHORUS) Say my prayers everyday I wake up You can't tell me shit my mind is made up I'm so Whyreless that all my wires stay cut People talk a lot but I don't Say much I Just move it to the side just like it ain't none To the side just like it ain't none Move that shit just like it ain't none Waiting for my haters tryna Say something I just Move it to the side just like it ain't none (2x) (VERSE 2) Struggled for so long it's time I came up If I'm not around don't bring my name up Painting vivid pictures with no paintbrush I ain't stopping til they say that I'm the Great one People have the nerve to say I changed up Rarely home but always repping where I came from Seen a lotta shit that I can't make up But that shit made us As i'm On this path Of mine I'm just tryna find balance and do right Cuz That's what happens When you put shit in perspective and never Lose sight To beat the odds I gotta take risks That's the way it is when you out here in these streets too busy tryna make dollars so I guess in the end it make sense The way I put in on the line Like a car in drive Pedal to the floor Watch my stars aline Stressing for Success It ain't hard to find Working overtime so I won't fall behind Made a lot Progress with Each step And As I Reflect i... (CHORUS)
Go With The Flow (Intro) Just go with the flow , we don't need a reason Let's pour up a four , and roll up some trees yeah To Get in the zone , there's no point in teasing You already know... yeah (VERSE 1) I'm catching a vibe But that shit right there ain't a secret We passing the time with conversations and some weed Lit I may be an asshole when I say I don't wanna be friends And you may be shallow but I still get ya wet like the deep end People nowadays are scheming Changing on me up like the seasons Give me to something to believe in Cuz Im tired fighting all these demons Hold down my fam for the long hall I'll do it As long as I'm breathing Ain't bout money then ya made the wrong call Wanna be a millionaire no Regis, yeah The Bigger the risk, the bigger the plate I'm feeling real good but I plan to be great I'm Living a lifestyle they said that I can't Look how we came up man I'm far from a saint If You know the struggle then you can relate To understand all these pictures that I paint Counting my blessings with more on the way Know Imma make it I'm sure if I wait and just... (CHORUS) Just Go with the flow , we don't need a reason Let's Pour up a four , and roll up some trees To get in the zone , there's no point in teasing You already know , we getting thrown for the weekend (2x)
Introspection (Outro) (CHORUS) What would you try to do if you was me? What would you try to do if you was me? Would you sit up on the side and watch just like a movie scene Or make a move to go pursue all of your truest dreams? What would you try to do if you was me? Really... What would you try to do if you was me? Would you sit up on the side and watch just like a movie scene Or make a move to go pursue all of your truest dreams? (VERSE 1) Life up in The Bay and LA is so new to me On the brink of something big it's suiting me suitably Told myself it's time to go and chase what you deserve Fuck the moon and the stars I'm taking the universe It's already bad enough I'm dealing with Lucifer Now I've made some enemies and I know that they're soon to lurk Been so sedated lately I don't what is what? Tangled in the middle of bullshit playing double dutch Metaphor for how I'm caught up in the whirlwinds I'm Screaming "Asential!" until the world ends Took so many L's it's time I get my first win Used to feel worthless til I found purpose in these verses Shit ain't perfect but that's just how life works When I give you that real shit just know that it might hurt Been the villain because my city treated me like dirt Life a bitch I've fucked her raw then gave her my white shirt My Momma was blind first, now her neck and spine hurt Watching that since 9 had me I cry until my eyes hurt Ironic while my dad and brother fighting and it ain't getting better Conflicted to make a difference cuz this can't be forever... (CHORUS) So What would you try to do if you was me? I gotta know What would you try to do if you was me? Would you sit up on the side and watch just like a movie scene Or make a move to go pursue all of your truest dreams (2x) (VERSE 2) That's just the way it is... The way it goes And as I'm saying this.. Hope that you save your soul We gotta save the kids cuz they too young to pay the toll I'll be the shepherd for em so I can pave the road Show that there's more to life and beauty in the struggle I've been thru so much shit that truly I am humbled Coming out a Community that is troubled Moved to the west and opportunities done doubled Until we meet again I've been on this odyssey, fulfilling this prophecy Nobody is stopping me so Somebody Tell me something that I don't know Every day I'm Feeling next up nigga I hope so This that shit to ease ya mind to shove Complacency Ever since a little one that shit just ain't for me So Please Keep ya negative energy away from me So determined you can't stop who or what I aim to be Still gotta get my momma new crib And Take my dad out that taxi to put him in a new whip I swear the ones who the talk the most be the ones that don't Do shit I'd told everyone i'd make it now it's time to prove it Can't let the cycle repeat and forever complain So I broke it knowing that all of the pleasures I'll gain Will be enough to feed the fam despite the Pressures it brings But I'd rather go and risk it all than to Never had changed and that's real....


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released August 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Heno. Takoma Park, Maryland

HENO. is the unapologetic nomad whose journey has led to the rupture of musical boundaries with an electrifying sound. The first generation Ethiopian American’s love and passion for music began in Takoma Park, Maryland, where he was born and raised. Growing up, music wasn’t something that was encouraged by his family. Going against the grain, HENO. embraces being comfortable in the uncomfortable ... more

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