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Parallel Timelines Remix (ft. Mick Jenkins)

by Heno.

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Heno. comes together with Chicago rapper, Mick Jenkins, for the remix of his latest single, "Parallel Timelines". The introspective record that talks about reimagining what a better life would look like in different scenarios; from a life where racism or systemic oppression didn’t exist to if certain people who’ve passed were still around to receive their flowers (& everything in between). The original record was on Heno.’s latest project, Death Ain’t That Bad, which serves as a universal conversation the power of our own perception and finding comfort within topics that make us uncomfortable (i.e. death). In a world where we have very little control, we do, however, have the ability to control how we view things as well as how we choose to react. There is power within the words that we choose to say & within choosing how we perceive; especially with what makes us uncomfortable (links, lyrics, credits & more below).



(In another parallel timeline)
We could live life & it’s full of abundance
And not have to worry about funding and budgets
People would care about climate control
Put in some time in to fix the environment
School and some health care for all would be free
We could be set up for early retirement, I think
(In another parallel timeline)
Aye, I could be black without being hated
I don’t need a strap when I get anxious
Cuz we wouldn’t have to trap
And the system would have our back
Is it too much to ask for that ?
i guess it is, damn, but really though
I don't know why you keep blessing me
Despite the times you been testing me
And I do not believe in destiny
But sometimes I feel like this was meant for be, like this was meant for me
Nowadays I got no time for nobody disrespecting me
You ain't fuckin with the legacy (aye)
All the shots sent for me they never get to me, focused on what I'm prepared to be
Fake friends are dead to me, give up an arm and a leg to see my dogs with equity
And I am so cut throat I'm come for ya neck reason why they’ll never be ahead of me
I came out the streets like its sesame, selling weed, stacking my bills like I'm Bellamy
(In another parallel timeline)
You’d be at home and not in the pin
Or come on the road when I’m on a trip
I’m tired of conversations through the glass
Monitored phone calls are a pain
Seeing my own dogs in some chains
Make me wanna go O-dog in this thang but I think
(In another parallel timeline)
You’d still be here and we would be kicking it
it’s been some years and I’m still feeling it
I miss you dearly but death is so imminent
You was my brother, your life was innocent
Can't make another your price too expensive
Sometimes I wonder but now I accept it, damn

And if that makes me selfish I don’t mind it
Said if that makes me selfish I don’t mind it
Cuz I can’t help it if I’m reminded

Who is you?
This ain’t nothing but a Rubiks cube gotta spin the block
Pack a bag tryna spend the night
Vagabonds we was kin to that
Eyes on you like a venonat
Shit changed with the internet
Shit changed peep the energies it be enemies getting intimate
Nigga flows keep getting intricate
Pray for peace still keep a piece nigga piece of me want incident
Piece of me want Benjamin’s
Piece of me want innocence
Whole of me want negatives and increment no lump sum
Dump a lot if I dump sumn
(In another parallel timeline)
I could pay some more bus stops
Movements wouldn’t be hush hush
I’d be taking more trust falls
Better ratio with love lust
Know the moment that they drugged us
Know the moment we unplugged us
(In another parallel timeline)

I wouldn’t get nervous when I see impalas
Still deal with PTSD and some trauma
Come from the hood where the only thing promised is death
Don’t mean to bother you resting in peace but I wish we could hop on a call for a sec or you could respond to a text



released October 26, 2021
written & produced by Heno. (@mynameisheno)
featuring Mick Jenkins (@mickjenkins)
additional production by Anthony Ferraro & Andrew Bearford (@tonysimage, @andrewbearford)


all rights reserved



Heno. Takoma Park, Maryland

HENO. is the unapologetic nomad whose journey has led to the rupture of musical boundaries with an electrifying sound. The first generation Ethiopian American’s love and passion for music began in Takoma Park, Maryland, where he was born and raised. Growing up, music wasn’t something that was encouraged by his family. Going against the grain, HENO. embraces being comfortable in the uncomfortable ... more

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